Can you Cash a Damaged Money Order?

When working with money orders, they can get damaged. As a result, many people ask if it is possible to still cash them after they have become damaged in any way. However, the ability to cash a damaged money order will depend on just how bad it has been damaged and the location of the damage on the money order.

Where is the Damage?

The main factor that will affect your ability to cash a damaged money order will depend on which part of the document has been damaged. For example, if there is a small tear located in the document that doesn’t have any effect on any of the information displayed on the money order, then it will normally still be accepted. However, if any damage has occurred to the serial number, signature area or any of the other identifying information on it, you will be better off asking for a replacement.

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If any of the numbers displayed on a money order show signs of damage, most institutions will not accept it. If a money order has been damaged to the point where it has had to be taped back together or any of the parts are missing, it will also not be accepted by any institutions.

In some cases, you may be able to still cash a badly damaged money order with the original issuer such as the money transfer agent or other financial institution, as they will normally be able to determine whether the money order is, in fact, legitimate or not. If they are not willing to accept your damaged money order, you will need to ask whoever has provided you with it to give you a replacement.

When it comes to obtaining a replacement for a damaged money order, you may be required to pay for the new document. However, some issuers such as the United States Postal Service may sometimes provide a replacement money order free of charge. You will have to inquire beforehand regarding how much it will be to replace one of these documents though.

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