Does Chase Offer Free Banking?

As the cost of living continues rising, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their living expenses – with some of them going as far as shopping around in an effort to try and find the cheapest (or even free) banking and checking accounts. This means that a large number of people have asked whether Chase is offering free banking to their customers or not.


Terms and Conditions May Apply

When approaching Chase Bank to inquire about free accounts, most people find that this institution is able to offer them a range of options in this regard. However, in most cases, a few terms and conditions will apply if customers want to enjoy using a free checking account.
For example, customers may be required to either provide an opening deposit of a predetermined amount of money and/or be required to keep a certain amount of funds in their account constantly in order for the account fees to be reversed each month. In addition, customers may be required to perform a specified number of transactions at a Chase Bank ATM within a certain timeframe.

Free ATM Transactions

Another great benefit that Chase Bank currently provides to its customers is free ATM transactions whenever customers use any of the ATM machines in the Chase network. If an ATM from another bank or financial institution is used, a small fee may apply.

Another benefit that Chase customers will enjoy when using one of the free checking account options is the fact that they offer zero liability protection on ATM and Debit cards along with the standard protection that is usually offered by Visa check cards. This means that if a customer’s card has been used in an unauthorized manner at any time, Chase Bank will actually refund the money to their account.


When signing up with one of the free checking account options from Chase, customers will need to bear in mind that they will not receive any amount of interest on funds that are in their accounts. As a result, it may be best for them to place large sums of money elsewhere if they want to earn interest.

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