When does Ford Offer 0% Financing?

When shopping for a new vehicle, most people want to get the best deal possible – especially where repayment terms and interest rates are concerned. These days, many Ford (and other) vehicle dealerships are so eager to get new business in that they are sometimes willing to offer deals that involve customers paying 0% financing. In other words, they will only repay the actual cost of the vehicle itself – without any interest.

Always Shop Around

Before accepting the first offer you find for 0% financing on a Ford car, truck or SUV, it’s essential to shop around and do some research. Not all Ford dealerships will have offers as good as this available all the time, so you may have to be willing to travel to the next county or even city to take advantage of them.

It’s also important to compare vehicle prices before signing paperwork, as some dealership may increase the overall cost of their vehicles to recoup some of the costs they would have made if interest had been charged on the deal.

Read Online Reviews

When shopping for a vehicle, it’s also important to read online reviews before working with a specific dealership. In some cases, a dealership may have lower prices, but poor quality customer service, while others may have slightly higher prices and better levels of client service. If no reviews or only negative reviews are available, it will be best to approach a different dealership to purchase your vehicle.

In some cases, you may be allowed to repay your vehicle installments in full before the initial due date. However, this policy may differ from one dealership to another, so you’ll need to inquire beforehand. It’s also essential to follow all recommended manufacturer and dealership recommendations with regards to servicing and maintenance.