Will Chase Cash a Money Order?

Money orders are a popular option for people who need to get their hands on cash. Many banks, including Chase, and various other financial institutions may be able to assist with cashing these. However, it is strongly recommended that customers inquire ahead of time to prevent inconvenience. Below are a few places that will be able to assist with cashing money orders.


Most Banks and Credit Unions

In most cases, banks (Chase Bank included) and other credit unions will be able to provide you with the service of cashing your money orders.

When approaching Chase or other banks to cash a money order, it is important to keep in mind that you may not always be able to obtain the full value of the money order immediately. Each bank has its own funds availability policies that will apply when trying to cash a money order. This means that you will be able to take a portion of the value of the money order right away, and the rest will be available within a few business days thereafter.

The Original Money Order Issuer

If you are not able to cash your money order at Chase Bank for any reason, you may be able to do so at the institution that originally issued the money order. For example, if it is a USPS money order, you will normally be able to cash it at any branch of the USPS. You will need to remember thinking that some places will not be willing to give you cash if you aren’t one of their regular customers or if they were not the original issuers of the money order in question.


In some cases, you may even be able to cash a money order at some retail outlets such as check cashing stores, grocery stores or even some convenience stores. Several retail stores have Western Union outlets these days as well, meaning that you may even be able to obtain the full value of your money order for an extremely low fee – or even for free in some cases.

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