5 Money Transfer Apps You Can Actually Trust

In today’s world, we often find our friends and family members scattered across the globe. This makes travel more frequent and exciting.


It also forces us to get creative with our methods of communication. We can Skype and FaceTime with anyone, anytime.

And if our best friend in Japan sends us a box of that lovely tea that we can’t get here in the States, we might want to reimburse them for their kind gesture.

Luckily that’s as easy as three or four clicks on our smartphones.


Let’s take a look at five money transfer apps that are not only easy to use but worthy of our trust.

1. Paypal

This is a familiar one, right? We often see that little PayPal icon at the bottom of many checkouts.

Sure enough, it’s also a great way to send and receive money to family and friends.

It’s free to set up, highly secure (with a great reputation), and even has that nifty little thumbprint sign-in on your iPhone to make logging in and out a cinch.


Once you’re in the app, you’ll find it’s well-designed and easy to follow.

You can transfer money into a checking account with about five clicks and watch it appear the next day.

If you need instant access to that cash, for a fee as low as $0.25, that money will appear in your account within 30 minutes.

Doesn’t get any better than that, right?


2. Cash

Cash is another fun one, due to its uber simplicity and ease of use.

It’s part of Square, a favorite POS system among retailers.

If this is your first time sending or receiving money with a friend or family member, send them an invite from your Cash account.

As soon as they send their first $5, you’ll receive a happy little bonus from Cash.


From there, your friend or family member can set up their account in a matter of minutes.

It also allows you to attach little notes and messages to your transfer, brightening your recipient’s day.

3. Transferwise

Transferwise is one smart cookie.

If you use Apple Wallet, it’ll integrate with Transferwise. You won’t even need to pull out your debit card to send/receive money.


What’s more, it has a fun little Facebook bot so you can chat with your friend or family member via Facebook messenger.

While it does have a small fee for transfers, starting at $0.50 per transfer, it also has some of the highest referral rewards.

If you envision a handful of people getting in on this transfer app, sending high levels of cash to and fro, Transferwise could make you a nice little bundle of cash.

4. Circle

What makes Circle stand tall above the crowd is that you only need a mobile number to send cash anywhere in the world.


The app will import your contacts and allow you to start a chat with the person you’re sending money to.

Get ready to send money, emojis, gifs, love notes, and so much more.

If you have an iPhone, the transfer will integrate right there in your normal iMessage thread.

Once you link your bank account or debit card, transfers are instant.


5. Google Wallet

You probably have a Gmail account, right? In about a decade, it seems like all of America shifted from AOL to Gmail.

And why not? Google’s as ubiquitous as it gets.

It’s our go-to search engine, e-mail provider, calendar, chat feature, and, now, money transfer service.

You don’t have to sign up for anything new here. Just link it to your primary account, select a payment card, and you’re ready to rock.


Money Transfer Apps and More

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