Title Loans in Ohio: Everything You Need to Know

Many people consider taking out a car title loan when securing fast cash in a financial emergency. However, state laws can significantly impact your ability to obtain one. In Ohio, you should be aware of specific regulations surrounding title loans. In this article, we will address whether Ohio still allows title loans, the legality of car title loans in the state and whether you can obtain a title loan online in Ohio.


Are Car Title Loans Illegal in Ohio?

As of 2024, car title loans are illegal in Ohio. This means that traditional car title loans—where you use your vehicle as collateral for a loan—are not permitted in the state. In the past, Ohio allowed title loans under certain circumstances, but the state legislature implemented stricter regulations to protect consumers from predatory lending practices.

Ohio laws have evolved over the years, particularly with the passage of House Bill 123 in 2019. This bill aimed to regulate short-term lending, including payday loans and car title loans. The bill imposed strict interest rate caps and other consumer protections, effectively banning the use of car title loans in the state.

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Does Ohio Still Do Title Loans?

Given Ohio’s prohibition on car title loans, you cannot obtain a traditional car title loan in the state. This law was put in place to safeguard consumers from high-interest rates and the risk of losing their vehicles if they cannot repay the loan.

While traditional car title loans are illegal, Ohio residents may have access to other forms of financing, such as unsecured personal loans, that can provide emergency funds without risking their vehicle. These alternatives are often more regulated and may offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms.

Can I Get a Title Loan Online in Ohio?

Due to the ban on traditional car title loans in Ohio, you cannot legally obtain a title loan online from a lender based in the state. However, some out-of-state lenders may still offer online title loans to Ohio residents, which can lead to legal gray areas and potentially higher risks.

It’s crucial to be cautious when considering online title loans, as they may not comply with Ohio’s lending regulations. Consumers should carefully review the terms and conditions, interest rates, and repayment plans before agreeing to any loan and, in many cases, seek alternative financing, such as a personal loan, which may be a safer and more sustainable option.



In summary, Ohio no longer permits traditional car title loans. This change in legislation is designed to protect consumers from predatory lending practices and the risks associated with title loans. While you cannot obtain a title loan online from an in-state lender, you may still encounter offers from out-of-state lenders, so it’s essential to proceed cautiously.

If you need emergency funds, consider exploring other options, such as personal loans, credit cards, or local financial assistance programs. Always read the terms and conditions carefully and consult a financial advisor if you need further guidance.