CVS MoneyGram: Everything to Know

There are many reasons why someone might want to send money around the country or abroad. Perhaps you have some loved ones who face a medical emergency during a vacation in Africa, and they need some cash to help cover the bills? Maybe you owe some money to a friend who’s recently moved away, and you want to meet your obligations? Well, MoneyGram is the most secure and reliable cash transfer service in the world right now, and thousands of people use it every single year.


CVS Pharmacy now offers that service to customers and this article will fill you in on all the details you need to know. There is no telling when someone you know might face an emergency, and you need to help them out. After reading this information, you should understand the benefits of the process and how to do it.

Send money in minutes

The CVS MoneyGram facility will assist you in sending money anywhere in the world in around ten minutes or less. There are 350,000 agent locations in many different countries, and so your loved ones can collect their funds from the nearest agent at a time that suits them. Unlike bank transfers; you don’t need to stress about the cash taking a few working days to clear. People who use MoneyGram can access the funds as soon as they arrive, and that means the service is ideal for unexpected events and emergencies. Maybe you have a child who’s backpacking across India at the moment, and they run out of money. That is no longer an issue when you can send them some in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

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Secure and reliable transfers

Lots of people worry about security when sending money overseas using any service that is not provided by their bank. However, there is no cause for concern as the CVS MoneyGram facility guarantees the cash will remain safe throughout the entire transfer process. If anything goes wrong, the MoneyGram team will act fast and resolve the issue before it causes any headaches. Your loved ones just need to check their mobile wallets or visit an agent location based on the method you used to send the money. They can then either withdraw the funds from their account or get the capital in cash from the agent.

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No fee for healthcare payments

The CVS MoneyGram service boasts a few benefits for people who want to pay their medical bills using the facility. While there is some small print to read, in most instances; you won’t pay anything in fees for covering the cost of a hospital or doctor-related bill. That is excellent news for people who need to send money to their healthcare providers. If you have any concerns or questions to ask about that deal, there is a brilliant customer service team just waiting to hear from you. It’s always sensible to double check that your healthcare provider is approved for that deal before sending the money. Otherwise, you might end up with an unexpected fee.

You can even pay other bills

Just as you can cover the cost of medical bills using the CVS MoneyGram service; you can also pay more than 13,000 other companies across the US. That’s handy for anyone who leaves things a little too long and might end up having to deal with late fees if their money doesn’t clear on the same day. It’s much better to pay $10 in charges for sending the cash in a matter of minutes than $50 for not paying the bill on-time. That makes sense, right? Alongside utility bills and things like that; you can also send money to correctional facilities and child support agencies. Just be sure to check the small print again as the CVS MoneyGram service only offers that benefit in some states.


Now you know how to pay your bills with ease and send money to people in almost any country in the world; you shouldn’t panic as much the next time you face a cash transfer emergency. If you have any questions to ask or concerns to alleviate, there is an excellent support team you can contact online. However, in most instances, there should be no need for that as this post explained everything you need to know. So, the next time someone calls you and asks if you can help them out, remember the CVS MoneyGram service and its benefits. It could save a friend’s life one day!