Exploring Your Options: Lifetime Fitness Savings for Costco Members

Are you a Costco member aiming to embrace a healthier lifestyle while staying on budget? Lifetime Fitness might be your ideal fitness destination. While there isn’t a direct Lifetime Fitness discount for Costco members, there are several avenues to explore for potential savings and exclusive benefits.


Lifetime Fitness and Costco: A Closer Look

While Costco has partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to offer gym discounts, Lifetime Fitness enthusiasts need not despair. Lifetime Fitness offers various discounts tailored to specific groups, ensuring everyone can enjoy their world-class fitness facilities. Let’s delve into the details:

Membership Choices at Lifetime Fitness

While you won’t find a direct Costco membership discount for Lifetime Fitness, the gym provides diverse membership options to cater to your preferences and budget. Here’s an overview:

Standard Membership: This membership tier grants you access to your nearest Lifetime Fitness location. You’ll also enjoy up to two and a half hours of childcare per day, allowing you to focus on your fitness routine without worry. In addition to gym equipment access, this tier includes yoga classes, special events, and virtual options like on-demand workouts and weight loss programs.


Ultimate Membership: Elevate your Lifetime Fitness experience with the Ultimate Membership, which encompasses all the benefits of the Standard tier. You’ll gain early access to reserve infant care at the gym and secure class reservations. Plus, unlimited group training and unrestricted access to indoor tennis courts make this tier ideal for dedicated gym-goers and those with fixed schedules.

Digital Membership: If budget constraints or distance from the gym are factors, consider the Digital Membership. Although you won’t have access to physical clubs, you’ll enjoy a plethora of virtual features, including Apple Fitness+, on-demand classes, and livestream classes. This cost-effective option also offers discounts on nutritional products and equipment.

26 and Under Plan: Geared toward college students and recent graduates on a budget, the 26 and Under plan provides access to Lifetime Fitness. While specific amenities are not detailed, you can expect to enjoy the gym’s most popular features.

65 Plus Membership: For individuals aged 65 and above, Lifetime Fitness offers a dedicated membership option. You can utilize one club and access digital features, making it perfect if you plan to frequent a single location. However, it may not suit frequent travelers who need access to multiple clubs.


One-Day Membership: If you’re curious about Lifetime Fitness but not ready for a long-term commitment, the one-day membership allows you to test the equipment and classes at an affordable rate. Consider this as a trial method before choosing a monthly tier that aligns with your fitness goals.

Corporate Memberships: Check with your employer about the possibility of a corporate membership with Lifetime Fitness. If available, your company may subsidize your membership fees. Encourage your coworkers to explore this option to potentially convince your employer to participate, leading to collective savings and healthier employees.

Medicare Memberships: If you’re on Medicare, investigate whether your coverage network includes select Lifetime Fitness locations that accept Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. This alternative can help offset gym costs, making fitness more accessible and affordable.

Conclusion: Maximizing Your Lifetime Fitness Experience

Although Costco doesn’t offer a direct discount for Lifetime Fitness, you have a multitude of options to make fitness more cost-effective. Explore Lifetime Fitness’ membership choices and look into potential savings avenues, such as corporate memberships and Medicare options. Stay fit, stay healthy, and stay within your budget with Lifetime Fitness.