Check Cashing Places That Are Open on Sunday

Many work longer hours than ever before, meaning they have less time to run personal errands or cash checks during the week. As a result, they end up looking for places that will be able to perform this service on a Sunday – their only off-day. These days, many check cashing places are open on Sunday, enabling them to convert their checks to cash as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Great Range of Options

Suppose you are looking for a check cashing place open on Sundays. In that case, you will be pleased to know that some options include Albertsons, Baker’s, Food Lion, Kmart, Fred Meyer, Market Basket, Kroger, Ralph’s, Publix, and Safeway, which typically all provide this service to their customers on Sundays. Other options include Shaw’s, Save-A-Lot, Safeway, Supervalu, Walmart, Speedway, Wegmans, and WinCo Foods.

In cases where none of those, as mentioned earlier, check cashing places that are open on Sunday are convenient for you, others that may be able to assist include Money Mart, ACE Check Cashing, United Check Cashing, Speedy Cash, Pay-O-Matic (New York State only), The Check Cashing Store (Florida) and USA Check Cashing Store (Florida).

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Some Costs or Fees Will Apply

When using check cashing places open on Sunday, you will need to be willing to pay slightly higher processing fees than if you had to cash your check at the bank that it has been issued. Because these locations are eager to offer this service after hours, fees can vary from 1% of the value of the check to as much as 10% – or even 15% – of the check’s face value. So, for example, if you are cashing a check with a face value of $100, you can expect to pay anywhere between 1% and $15 to access your funds quickly.

Identification Will Be Required

After deciding to use check cashing places open on Sunday, you will need to present at least one form of identification when exchanging your check for cash. This helps ensure that you are indeed the check’s owner and that no fraud is committed. In most cases, acceptable forms of identification will include social security cards, college ID cards, military identification cards, and driver’s licenses. When attempting to cash checks, it is essential to ensure that all the information is legible. If any pertinent information is not easily readable, you may have to wait for the issuing bank to open to cash it or have it reissued.

As you can see, finding check cashing places open on Sundays has become easier than ever. This means you no longer have to wait all weekend to access funds – which can be especially handy if an emergency expense arises or you cannot wait to get your cash in hand.

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