Publix Coin Machines: Your Ultimate Guide to Coin Counting Options

Are you hoarding a stash of coins in a savings jar at home, just waiting for the right moment to put them to good use?


Stashing away spare change in a jar can be an excellent way to save up for that special something you’ve had your eye on. Over time, those coins tend to multiply, and before you know it, you’re sitting on a small fortune. But, when it comes time to purchase with that hefty bag of coins, it can be a bit awkward. Thankfully, there are solutions like Coinstar kiosks and coin-counting machines that can help you convert your coin treasure into more usable currency.

So, if you’ve been pondering the question, “Does Publix Have Coinstar or Coin Machines?” – it’s high time we shed some light on the matter.

Short and Sweet Answer

To put it concisely, Publix doesn’t offer Coinstar, but they do have their coin-counting machines available in their stores. While there’s no cap on the number of coins you can count at Publix, there’s a nominal fee of approximately 9% to 10% of your total transaction amount.


The Scoop on Publix Coin Machines

Let’s dive a bit deeper into Publix’s coin-counting setup. While you won’t find Coinstar at Publix, you’ll discover Publix Self-Service Coin Counter machines, according to customer service representatives.

Most conveniently, these coin-counting contraptions are usually stationed near the entrance of Publix stores.

To ensure you have all the facts about Publix’s coin conversion process, we reached out to Publix grocery stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

And, if you’re wondering where your nearest Publix is, you can easily locate one using their “find a store” feature.


Counting the Costs

While Publix’s Self-Service Coin Counter machines do come with a fee, it’s not a bank-breaking one. You can expect to part with about 9% to 10% of your total transaction amount, as mentioned by customer service representatives.

When it comes to the number or dollar amount of coins you can feed into the machine, Publix doesn’t set a strict limit, providing you with a convenient and flexible coin-counting experience.

Choosing Your Payout

Publix’s Self-Service Coin Counter makes it simple for customers to exchange their coins for bills. After you’ve deposited your coins, the machine will issue a receipt displaying the dollar amount, which you can then redeem for cash at the customer service counter.

However, please note that this particular machine doesn’t offer payouts in the form of gift cards, charitable donations, or store credit.


Publix Self-Service Coin Counter vs. Coinstar

In the realm of coin counting, Publix’s coin counters do have a few differences compared to Coinstar. While Coinstar offers a variety of payout options, including cash, charitable donations, or eGift Cards for popular stores like Amazon, Lowe’s, or Sephora, Publix’s options are a bit more streamlined.

Publix’s coin counter does, however, charge a lower fee for converting coins to bills compared to Coinstar. Coinstar typically charges around 12% of the transaction amount if you’re opting for a cash payout. It’s worth noting that Coinstar does waive its fee if you choose to receive an eGift Card instead.